Support Services

CommuniCom provides technical support for customer systems, networks and in-house personnel.

Our support includes on-site technical visits, diagnostics, installation, networking and training, as well as call center/help desk support.

Our NOC (Network Operations Center) is staffed with Microsoft Certified Software Engineers (MCSE) and Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP). Our highly trained networking engineers are devoted to monitoring and tracking all components of the CommuniCom Support Network.

Our Data Center Services include:

Clean wiring
Cabinet Space
24x7 fire/police notification
24x7 personnel coverage
UPS system
Kohler natural gas generator
Secure area
Air Conditioning
Halon fire protection

Network Solutions

Network capacity planning
WAN switching equipment
Routing equipment
LAN switching equipment
F-T3 LAN service
RAID network server access

Systems and Hardware Management

Uunet caching service
Primary DNS services
Server installation and rack mounting
Application monitoring
Daily, weekly and monthly backups
Off site secure storage
Data restoration when needed
Standard Systems administration package for NT
O/S and application patch installation and diagnosis

Customer Care Services

Strategic technology planning and consultation
Proactive systems management and troubleshooting
On-site MSCE and MCP visits
Call Center support
On-site training
Hardware and Network installation